A Talking Cat!?!
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson
Kevin Murphy
Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released July 27, 2018

A Talking Cat!?! is a 2013 independent children's film that was directed by David DeCoteau. The film was released direct to DVD on February 18, 2013 by Phase 4 Films and involves Eric Roberts as the voice of the talking cat.

RiffTrax released their riff in July 2018.

Description and PreviewEdit

RiffTrax A Talking Cat!?! Now Available!

RiffTrax A Talking Cat!?! Now Available!

The film follows two single-parent families that are brought together by Duffy (Eric Roberts), a cat with the ability to speak. The wealthy Phil Barber (Johnny Whitaker) recently sold his computer company in order to spend more time with his model son Chris (Justin Cone), who is indifferent about his dad's decision. Meanwhile, Susan (Kristine DeBell) is struggling to make ends meet as a caterer with her two children Tina (Janis Peebles) and Trent (Daniel Dannas). Duffy then enters their lives and gives them advice, but with the limitation that he can only speak to each of them once.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Johnny Whitaker as Phil Barber
  • Kristine DeBell as Susan
  • Justin Cone as Chris Barber
  • Janis Peebles as Tina
  • Alison Sieke as Frannie
  • Daniel Dannas as Trent
  • Eric Roberts as The voice of Duffy



  • Director David DeCoteau had used the same house location for 2012's Santa's Summer House, which also became a RiffTrax presentation.


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