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"I might whip out my scathing manifesto about that fake Mars landing last week!"

Bil Corbett
(born March 30, 1960) is a writer and performer on the hit internet sensation RiffTrax. Prior to that he was a and performer on the cult television series Mystery Science Theater 3000.



Corbett as Observer on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Corbett was a writer and performer on the cult television show Mystery Science Theater 3000, for which he voiced the robot Crow T. Robot during the show's later seasons on the Sci Fi Channel and played the character Observer and other minor roles. In 2001, Corbett co-wrote the Sci Fi Channel miniseries The Adventures of Edward the Less with several other former MST3K writers. Corbett also co-wrote the 2008 film Meet Dave starring Eddie Murphy. From 2002 to 2006, Corbett was a member of The Film Crew, a movie-riffing comedic team comprising former MST3K costars Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy.

Bill Corbett is married and has two children.

Corbett has also been an actor in the resident acting companies at the Guthrie Theater and the Berkshire Theater Festival, and has taught playwriting and screenwriting at Kenyon College in Ohio, the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, and many other universities and schools. He's a graduate of the Yale School of Drama, where he earned an MFA in playwriting and screenwriting. Before that, he received a BA from Yale College.

In 2006, Bill joined Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy on

In 2014, Bill Corbett and Len Peralta published Super-Powered Revenge Christmas.

In 2017, Bill Corbett reprised his role of Observer (aka Brain Guy) in 3 episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

In 2018, Bill Corbett began producing and hosting the podcast Bill Corbett's Funhouse.

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In 2014, RiffTrax published Bill Corbett's list of favorite riffs. They included:



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