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Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released June 14, 2013

Firehead is a 1991 science fiction–thriller film. It was directed by Peter Yuval for Action International Pictures, and stars Chris Lemmon and Christopher Plummer. It was filmed in Mobile, Alabama and released theatrically in 1991. RiffTrax released their commentary in June 2013.

Description and Preview[]


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In 1988, a telekinetic Soviet agent known as "Firehead" (Brett Porter) defects to the west after refusing to use his powers against Estonian protesters. Two years later, he begins blowing up American munitions factories for unknown reasons. An NIH chemist (Chris Lemmon) and a government assassin (Gretchen Becker) are ordered to track him down. Meanwhile, a secret society led by Colonel Vaughn (Christopher Plummer) prepares to use Firehead's activities as a pretext for a coup d'état.

Cast and Crew[]

  • Christopher Plummer as Colonel Garland Vaughn
  • Chris Lemmon as Warren Hart
  • Brett Porter as Ivan Tibor
  • Gretchen Becker as Melia Buchanan
  • Martin Landau as Admiral Pendleton
  • George Elliot as Fallbright
  • Edmund Kearney as The President
  • Douglas Simms as Taggart
  • Lauren Levy as Smith
  • Ralph Sims as Shaw
  • Thomas C. Smith-Alden as Devries
  • Eugene Walters as Simon
  • Robert MacDowell as Spector
  • Graham Timbes as Russian Commander
  • Ann Thornton as Reporter



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