Gammera the Invincible
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released June 1, 2018

Gamera, the Giant Monster (大怪獣ガメラ Daikaijū Gamera, lit. Giant Monster Gamera) is a 1965 Japanese kaiju film featuring Gamera, produced and distributed by Daiei Film. The film is the first entry in the Gamera franchise and is directed by Noriaki Yuasa and starring Eiji Funakoshi, Harumi Kiritachi, and Junichiro Yamashita. The film was released in Japan on November 27, 1965. A re-edited version with new footage was released the following year in the United States as Gammera, the Invincible. This was the only film in the original series to be given a theatrical release in the United States.

RiffTrax released their riff in June 2018.

Plot Synopsis and PreviewEdit

RiffTrax Gammera the Invincible (Preview)-0

RiffTrax Gammera the Invincible (Preview)-0

An atomic explosion awakens Gammera--a giant, fire-breathing turtle monster--from his millions of years of hibernation. Enraged at being roused from such a sound sleep, he takes it out on Tokyo.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Albert Dekker as Secretary of Defense
  • Brian Donlevy as Gen. Terry Arnold
  • Diane Findlay as Sgt. Susan Embers
  • John Baragrey as J.T. Standish
  • Dick O'Neill as Gen. O'Neill
  • Eiji Funakoshi as Dr. Hidaka
  • Michiko Sugata as Nobuyo
  • Harumi Kiritachi as Kyoke
  • Mort Marshall as Jules Manning
  • Bob Carraway as Lt. Simpson
  • Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Contrare
  • John McCurry as A1C Hopkins
  • Steffen Zacharias as Sen. Billings
  • Walter Arnold as American Ambassador
  • Thomas Stubblefield as Capt. Lovell




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