Ice Cream Man
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson
Kevin Murphy
Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released August 17, 2018
Ice Cream Man is a 1995 American horror/comedy film directed by Paul Norman from a screenplay by David Dobkin and Sven Davidson for Doublesteen Productions.

RiffTrax released their riff in August 2018.

Plot Synopsis and PreviewEdit

RiffTrax Ice Cream Man - preview the hilarious horror!

RiffTrax Ice Cream Man - preview the hilarious horror!

A released mental patient takes up the job of being a neighborhood ice cream man. He finds himself aggravated by the obnoxious children and immoral adults that he encouters, so he begins murdering people and mixing their remains into the ice cream that he sells.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Clint Howard as Gregory Tudor
  • Jan-Michael Vincent as Detective Gifford
  • David Warner as Reverend Langley
  • Olivia Hussey as Nurse Wharton
  • David Naughton as Martin Cassera



  • Features Lee Majors II, the son of actor Lee Majors.
  • Also includes an appearance by Doug Llewelyn, the long-time host of the TV show The People's Court.


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