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Julie and Jack
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released July 17, 2015

Julie and Jack is a 2003 Sci-Fi/Romance film directed by James Ngyuen, who is most notably known for writing and directing Birdemic: Shock and Terror. RiffTrax released their riff in July 2015.

Description and Preview


RiffTrax Julie and Jack (Preview clip)

Jack Livingston is looking for true love. He is a successful computer chip salesman for STELLAchip Corporation in high-tech Silicon Valley. With a suggestion from his best friend, Mark Stevens, he reluctantly subscribes to an Internet dating service, CupidMatchmaker.net where he meets Julie Romanov, a beautiful genius computer software developer. Jack falls madly in love with Julie. Julie and Jack begin an intense and passionate affair. With Julie, Jack has found his soulmate. And love is forever. But this seemingly perfect love is more than he had visioned. And so Jack's love for Julie is put to the ultimate test!

Cast and Crew

  • Jenn Gotzon as Julie Romanov
  • Tippi Hedren as Julie McNeal
  • Justin Kunkle as Jack Livingstone
  • Patsy van Ettinger as Mrs. Nancy Livingstone
  • James Nguyen as Professor Tran
  • Will Springhorn as Mark Stevens
  • Damien Carter as Father Love
  • Rick Camp as Bob Hammer
  • Terese Aiello as Susan
  • Ilea Matthews as Gina
  • Rahul Gupta as Raju Patel
  • Lee Boren as Bill Templeton
  • Chelsea Hope as Helen
  • Kelli Tyler as Stephanie
  • Christine Schiller as Melany


  • "Okay, guys, if my opinion means ANYTHING, this is the best riff since The Last Slumber Party, and there have been some REALLY good riffs since then. Seriously. I can't get enough of this one. This is the 5th A+ riff of the year, the others being Wonder Women, Radical Jack, To Catch a Yeti and Rock n Roll Nightmare, and it blows ALL OF THEM out of the water. This pretty much cancels out the existence of Birdemic 2. I don't care if it was made first, THIS is Birdemic's true successor. MKB are at the top of their game going into their 10th year at RiffTrax." - SRD, Editor-in-Chief of RiffWiki.net.


  • This film shares many of the same themes and plot devices as James Nguyen's later film, Birdemic: Shock and Terror. They both feature technology salespeople who make big sales, leading them to become very rich, while they are concurrently experiencing a significant romantic encounter.
  • The film also feature many of the same actors. The actors portraying Dr. Jones, Nathalie's Mom and the "Hangin' Out With My Family" singer in Birdemic all appear in Julie and Jack. It is also speculated that Nathalie and Jack are siblings, as the same actress portrays the mother of each character.


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