Omega Cop
Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson
Kevin Murphy
Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released July 12, 2018
Omega Cop is a 1990 American action-adventure film directed by Paul Kyriazi from a screenplay by Denny Grayson and Salli McQuaid (story by Joe Meyer) for Overseas FilmGroup.

RiffTrax released their riff in July 2018.

Plot Synopsis and PreviewEdit

RiffTrax Omega Cop (preview clip)

RiffTrax Omega Cop (preview clip)

In the future, Earth has suffered devastating ecological disaster. Law enforcement is based out of underground bunker and must combat scavengers and slaver traders. John Travis - the toughest cop on the force -  rescues two women and must protect them from the rogue elements while also avoiding solar flares that drive people to madness.

Along the way, he listens to old-time rock & roll and argues with his boss over the radio.

Cast and CrewEdit

  • Ron Marchini as John Travis
  • Adam West as Prescott
  • Troy Donahue as Slim
  • Meg Thayer as Lena
  • Jennifer Jostyn as Zoe
  • Stuart Whitman as Dr. Latimer
  • Michael E. Bristow as Raccoon Face



  • A sequel - Omega Cop 2 (aka Karate Cop) - was released the following year. Ron Marchini returned as John Travis. It also featured David Carradine.


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