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Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
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Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released June 5, 2015

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (also known as The Edge of Hell) is a 1987 direct-to-video Canadian horror film directed by John Fasano, and stars heavy metal musician Jon Mikl Thor, Jillian Peri, and Teresa Simpson. RiffTrax released their riff in June 2015.

Description and Preview


RiffTrax ROCK 'N ROLL NIGHTMARE (preview clip)

Recording some new music in an isolated farmhouse, the band Triton gets more than they bargained for when something horrifying stirs in the darkness. Eternal evil haunts this place and the band members start turning into demons from Hell itself! After a day of making music – and making love – this band is starting to break up… one by one… limb by limb. The bands lead singer, John (Jon-Mikl Thor) Triton, holds the key to defeating this horror once and for all – a secret that culminates in a battle between good and evil! Triton versus the Devil himself!

Cast and Crew

  • Jon Mikl Thor as John Triton
  • Jillian Peri as Lou Anne
  • Frank Dietz as Roger Eburt
  • David Lane as Max
  • Teresa Simpson as Randy
  • Adam Fried as Adam Fried
  • Denise Dicandia as Dee Dee
  • Jesse D'Angelo as Little Boy
  • Rusty Hamilton as Seductress
  • Cindy Cirile as Mother
  • Chris Finkel as Father
  • Liane Abel Dietz as Mary Eburt
  • Jim Cirile as Stig
  • Gene Kroth as Karl
  • Carrie Schiffler as Cindy Connelly



  • Production began in 1986 and the film had a budget of $100,000 and was shot in seven days. Originally titled The Edge of Hell, the filming was set to last ten days, but one of the producers had to shorten production due to a death in the family. The director used many friends as actors and the film was filmed in Ontario. The film had its title changed to help sell it in the markets.


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