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Rollergator (sometimes "Roller Gator") is a 1996 crime against humanity masquerading as a comedy film, written and directed by Donald G. Jackson. It features a cheap, rubber purple alligator puppet and Joe Estevez. RiffTrax released their riff in August 2015. The film has been described by Bill Corbett as "THE worst movie ...ever done at RiffTrax."

Plot Synopsis and Preview


RiffTrax ROLLERGATOR (Preview clip)

A teenage girl tries to help a small, purple-colored, jive-talking alligator escape from the clutches of a greedy carnival owner as well as an assortment of various characters so he can be reunited with his owner.

Cast and Crew

  • Sandra Shuker as P.J. Smith
  • Joe Estevez as Chico Dennis
  • Conrad Brooks as Swamp Farmer
  • Jenette Lynne Hawkins as Slingshot
  • Lisa Kaake as Dark Ninja
  • Bobbie Blackford as Karate Instructor
  • Larry Maddox as Reggie Dennis
  • Nicholas Adams as Frogface
  • Erin O'Bryan as Roller Blade Mama


  • "I'm calling it: this is THE worst movie we've ever done at RiffTrax. Ladies and gentlemen, ROLLERGATOR." - Bill Corbett
  • "ROLLERGATOR! There are no words -- no human words -- to describe it. So I simply restate, ROLLERGATOR. I am sorry." - Mike Nelson



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