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Allegedly has never read a comic book in his life.

Sean Thomason (born May 1, 1981) is a writer for RiffTrax. Not much is known about this elusive young fellow, although he has stated that he has "never read a comic book in [his] life." We're hoping to find out slightly more about him as time goes by, but his RiffTrax Bio goes thusly:

At the age of 6, Sean Thomason expressed a career ambition for the first time.  His dream: to be the guy who sits in the carnival dunking booth, heckling people until they sink him.  Sean's parents quietly agreed at that moment that their boy was destined to live out his days as either a comedy writer or a wretched, miserable carny.  After much deliberation, they decided to encourage the former.  
With degrees from the University of Virginia and USC's School of Cinematic Arts, Sean certainly has plenty of student loan debt.  His written work includes one-act plays, comic strip Blank Slate (co-created with Chris Hickman), short films, and feature-length screenplays (currently unproduced...the ball's in your court, Hollywood).        
Sean would like to go back and tell his high school Biology teacher that yes, in fact, one can make a living by making snarky comments.  But he can't do that because time travel hasn't been invented yet.  When he's not making fun of stuff, Sean enjoys talking about rock music, eating barbecued meats, and writing biographies of himself in the third person.


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