The Revenge of Doctor X
Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson
Kevin Murphy
Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released August 21, 2012

Venus Flytrap (filmed 1966, released 1970) is an American horror film shot partly in Japan. The plot features a mad scientist who uses thunder and lightning to turn carnivorous plants into man-eating creatures. It is known variously as Body of the Prey, The Revenge of Doctor X (American video title), and The Revenge of Dr. X (American video box title), and Venus Flytrap. Although the film is based on a 1950s screenplay by Ed Wood, he remained uncredited. Confusingly, the American video release erroneously features the major credits for 1969 Philippines production The Mad Doctor of Blood Island. RiffTrax released their riff in August 2012.

Description and Preview


Best of RiffTrax Revenge of Dr. X

Dr. Bragan (James Craig) is a NASA mathematician working on a mission to outer space. The stress of the mission causes him to have a mental breakdown, so his assistant, Dr. Paul Nakamura (James Yagi), suggests he takes a vacation in Japan to recuperate.

In Japan, Dr. Bragan stays at a hotel with his beautiful assistant, Dr. Hanamura (Atsuko Rome), to begin experiments on a plant he brought from America. The plant is a Venus Flytrap, and the scientist crosses it with a Japanese carnivorous plant to create a creature that is almost human.

Cast and Crew

  • James Craig as Dr. Bragan
  • Tota Kondo as Customs Officer
  • Lawrence O'Neill as Airport American
  • Al Ricketts as Gas Station Owner
  • Atsuko Rome as Noriko Hanamura
  • Edward M. Shannon as Dr. Shannon
  • John Stanley as Dr. Stanley
  • James Yagi as Dr. Paul Nakamura



  • The original title Venus Fly Trap makes some sense, but this re-title does not. There is no Dr. X or revenge in the film, and the credits at the beginning are for a different film (Mad Doctor of Blood Island directed by John Ashley and Eddie Romero) because it was bundled in a double feature at one point.
  • A home video company found this unfinished movie in a box of film reels. They made up a title, released it on VHS, then destroyed the original print.

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