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The Wonderful Land of Oz
Riffed by RiffTrax
Riffers Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett
Series None
Date Released February 3, 2017

The Wonderful Land of Oz is a 1969 film by Barry Mahon, the director of RiffTrax classic, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny. It is a low budget but faithful adaptation of the novel The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum. It is also intended to be a quasi sequel toThe Wizard of Oz. RiffTrax released their riff in February 2017, making it the inaugural riff of 2017 and the premiere of Season 12.

Description and Preview[]


The Wonderful Land of Oz (1969) Trailer

After his witch guardian Mombi threatens to turn him into a statue, young Tip decides to run off to Emerald City with his newly-animated companion, Jack. Along the way, he meets up with Genral Jinjur, leader of the Army of Revolt, who takes Tip prisoner as she marches her troops to take over the Emerald City. Tip escapes to warn the scarecrow, now the ruler of the city, and together they leave to find the Tin Woodsman and form their own army.

Cast and Crew[]

  • Chandos Castle Mahonas as Tip
  • Zisca Baum as Mombi
  • Caroline Berner as General Jinjur
  • George Wadsworth as Jack Pumpkinhead
  • Gil Fields as H. M. Woggle-bug T. E.
  • Michael R. Thomas as the Scarecrow
  • Al Joseph as the Tin Woodman
  • Joy Webb as Ozma
  • Hilary Lee Gaess as Glinda
  • Ray Menard as The Gump



  • Mahon told The New York Times that he was planning to get Judy Garland to narrate the film, but the film has almost no narration.
  • Popular rumor is that Jinjur's Army of Revolt is composed of actors who had previously appeared in Mahon's nudie films. This is, however, not the case. The nudie films were made in New York City, while the children's films were made in Florida. Mahon did not bring any of his former performers to appear in the film.
  • According to Michael R. Thomas, the actress Hilary Lee Gaess (Glinda) had extreme bouts with stage fright.
  • Mahon and songwriters Linsenmann and Falco would re-team for Jack and the Beanstalk and Thumbelina, both released in 1970. All three films are owned by Jeffrey C. Hogue.


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